Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bathroom Chronicles Part V: Rustic Ladder DIY

I chose to incorporate a combination of sleek, reflective materials (lots of glass, mirror, metallics, and high gloss tiles) with some rustic, vintage looking pieces to create a unique style in my bathroom.   

One of the pieces I really wanted was an old wooden ladder in lieu of a towel bar.  I searched high and low, but every ladder I found turned out to be too polished and perfect looking. 

I ventured out to the Aberfoyle Antique Market, which turned out to be a vintage lover’s paradise.   The market consists of hundreds of vendors from all over Ontario, selling everything from furniture, to old records.  No doubt, I found the perfect ladder I’d been searching for.  It was in rough shape, which is what I wanted- but it still needed a little work.  Here is how I spruced it up (just enough) so that it was bathroom ready.

1.        Use a palm sander to thoroughly sand down the sides of the ladder. 

2.       By hand, use medium to heavy grade sandpaper on the dowels of the ladder until smoothe.

3.       Mix a combination of paint and water into a small bucket (about 3 parts water, 1 part paint).

4.       Lay down drop sheets outside and choose an area to work that can handle a spatter of paint or two.

5.       Wearing gloves to protect your hands from both paint and possible splinters, use a rag to dip into the bucket of paint/water combination and wipe down the entire ladder, covering all areas. 

6.       Depending how much of the ladder you wish to cover vs leave exposed, let dry and do another coat. 
Ladder DIY- Before
Ladder DIY- After
Ladder DIY- After

Optional:  Cut and put some rubber or felt pieces on the bottom of the ladder to avoid slipping and scratching the floor tile.